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Enca 35 de muncitor Roman pleaca cu firma Orconstruct Consult in Israel

Enca 35 de muncitor roman in constructie pleca in israel pe data de 02.03.2012
Nati MeirDear Mr.Nati Meir ,

Follow the phone conversation , we send you below the requested reservation .OW , on route BUH -TLV .Please send us as soon is possible the passengers list .2PHKVN0. 35LABORER GRP NM: 0

1 LY 574 L 02MAR 5 OTPTLV HN35 1105 1340

price : as per conversation with Mrs.Lili Weitzman.

time limit for full payment : 27.02.2012

The fares are subject of seats available.

Please be kind and try to confirm today if the requested group is deffinite , in order to block places on time.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any further information.

All the best ,

Manager of reservation